Manhattan Cheer Academy

   Manhattan Cheer Academy is a competitive All Star Cheerleading program in Manhattan, Kansas. MCA strives for excellence by providing a safe, positive environment where athletes are encouraged to reach their full potential, personally, and athletically!

Team Practice

   Team Practice is held 2-3 times a week, and a total of 5 hours. The practice schedule remains the same during the school year, allowing students to schedule other activities and/or family events. Practice is mandatory year round, and attendance is extremely important. Each individual on the team works hard to contribute to this competitive team sport, and students must be accountable for participating in practice and competitions. If you are interested in trying a class with our team, please contact the MGA front desk at: (785) 776-0400. 

2016-2017 Schedule

Sundays 5:00pm-8:00pm
Wednesdays 6:45pm-8:45pm



   Tryouts for all star teams will be held May 7th, 2017 at 5pm! Students are expected to demonstrate tumbling, stunting, and jump skills. Below is a list of level appropriate tumbling.

Level 1 Tumbling
Standing Running
  • Forward/Straddle/Backward Roll
  • Hand Stand
  • Hand Stand Forward Roll
  • Front Limber
  • Front Walkover
  • Cartwheel
  • Back Extension Roll
  • Push up to Backbend
  • Standing Backbend
  • Backbend Kickover
  • Back Walkover
  • Connected Skills- Cartwheel/Back Walkover
  • Round off
  • Cartwheel Back Walkover
  • Front Walkover to Cartwheel/Round off
  • Cartwheel 1/2 Turn Front Walkover



Level 2 Tumbling
Standing Running
  • Standing Back Handspring
  • Back Handspring Step Out
  • Back Extension Roll Back Handspring
  • Back Walkover Back Handspring
  • Cartwheel Back Handspring
  • Round off Back Handspring
  • Round off Back Handspring Step Out
  • Round off Back Handspring Series
  • Round off Back Handspring Series Step Out
  • Round off Back Handspring Step Out 
    to Round off Back Handspring
  • Front Walkover to Round off/Front Walkover 
    to Back Handspring Series


Level 3Tumbling
Standing Running
  • Standing series Back Handsprings
  • Jump to Back Handspring
  • Jump to Back Handspring series
  • Back Handspring series, Jump, Back Handspring series
  • Back Handspring step out, Back Handspring series
  • Ariels
  • Punch Front Forward Roll
  • Punch Front
  • Round off Tuck
  • Round off Back Handspring Back Tuck
  • Round off Back Handspring series, to Back Tuck
  • Front Walkover to Round off Back Handspring, Back Tuck
  • Front Walker to round off Back Handspring series, Back Tuck.



Be Part of the Pride!

For more information:
Phone: (785) 776-0400